About Us

Film and photography is a very active industry; however, not that many beginners are considering it because of cost reasons. Apparently, this hobby or career requires some funding since cameras and other equipment are very expensive. They’re rightfully priced; that’s why you can’t really see someone complaining about this. That said, we want to help anyone that is just starting out and is willing to shell out a lot of money to get involved in the film and photography world.

Our blog posts will be our form of help, content that will guide you with every step, from choosing the right equipment to picking your first shooting location. As a professional, I relate to how hard it could be for someone to enter a hobby they don’t really have any knowledge that much. While there are already a ton of references all around the internet, I still think that our website is the best and will always be the blog site that you will visit every now and then to gain information.

All the authors and contributors on this website are all filtered to make sure that everything we publish is factual and actually helpful. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t commit mistakes. Sometimes we can get biased with our reviews as well as opinions. That’s pretty normal, but if you think that it is something that can hurt someone, you can tell us immediately, and we’ll see what we can do about it.

From reviews, guides, to events discussions, our blog will cover almost everything and will only give you fresh content so that you won’t get out of the loop. Cameras and photography equipment, in particular, are always getting new releases, so having immediate reviews of different equipment is important to help people, especially newbies, on what to buy with their hard-earned money.

We will also cover some news, either locally or internationally, as long as it will benefit us all in terms of content. Our opinions would also be here to stay, and you can also disagree with them. We’re just offering you a glimpse of what’s going on inside our brains and how we look at photography and film as a whole.

We, at Wagging Tale are also keen on creating a long-lasting community. We want this to last for a long time and become an effective meeting place for like-minded individuals, engaging in discussions and helping one another with their fair share of problems.